Thursday, 2 June 2011

The perfect body: JLo's butt, Alba's abs!

'Ooh, I wish I had her hair...'

'Gosh, what unbelievable arms he's got!'

We're either thinking it to ourselves or exclaiming out loud each time we see a fab-looking famous personality in the glossies or on the screen.

So whose are the best assets, really, that could go into the making of a celeb 'superbod', so to speak? A US survey conducted by Nutrisystem Diet Index revealed just that!

Ladies: Legs and butt

Pop diva Jennifer Lopez emerged the winner in this category. The majority of women polled felt that the perfect female body would feature not only her headline-grabbing bubble butt, but also her lean, toned legs. JLo earned 24 percent of a following for her pins and 20 percent for her derriere.

Inputs: ANI

Image: Jennifer Lopez
Photographs: Gillette Venus 'Get Your Goddess Showing' ad campaign

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